Where are the brave new creatives?

New rules

It seems an awfully long time since a creative graduate pitched a book at us that drew a collective intake of breath. A book populated by the wow factor seems to be a thing of the past.

OK, maybe that is because the talent is not out there in our part of the world. Or maybe our expectation levels are way too high for today’s market place. No. It is because students are not given brave direction anymore.

You only have to listen to the way they pitch their work; in most cases it is almost apologetic. It is as if they know in their heart of hearts what they are selling is not the best they can do.

The more books we see, the more apparent it is that those being mentored on ‘creative’ courses are being taught to put together careful, formulated professional books rather than those that are experimental and explode with ideas. Particularly those who are targeting people like us – an ad agency. This style over substance thing is becoming tiresome.

Come on kids; get your brains in gear. You are pitching to a creative shop. We do not care if your work is a little ill disciplined or a little off the wall. In this business it is only ever going to be about the strength and originality of your ideas.

Take some risks. Kick against the system. Allowing yourself to be turned into a me-to creative will not get you anywhere in this business.

Be brave. Being careful never produced cracking work.