Transforming transactions in the travel industry.

Travel Ledger Brand Development and Messaging - The Point

Travel Ledger is an independent travel tech platform for billing and settlement in the non-air travel industry. Built on Ethereum blockchain smart contract technology, Travel Ledger automates transactions along the entire distribution chain of travel intermediaries and is set to revolutionise the sector.

A single travel purchase can include multiple products from multiple suppliers; accommodation wholesalers, hotel companies, transfer services, activity companies, experience companies, car rental suppliers or cruise companies. They all have their own way of transacting, issuing documentation, reference codes, booking confirmations and invoices using different platforms and different protocols.

Reconciliation of these transactions – accurate payment – is a labour-intensive, manual process and has been so for decades. It is also highly fragmented, error prone and exposes intermediaries and their suppliers to financial risk.

Travel Ledger brings clarity and accuracy to transaction, accelerating reconciliation at the same time. It is an authenticated ledger allowing all billing records between intermediaries and suppliers to be stored on a shared central data repository – a single source of truth – for all users to access and view. Importantly, data can’t be edited and can’t get lost. With all connected parties operating in the same single protocol, travel companies can transact accurately and speedily like never before.

With a significant investment round already completed, Travel Ledger has asked us to create a voice for the brand to grow its customer base. This has seen us collaborate with Travel Ledger’s founders to identify, write and hone needs-based messages to give the brand definition, differentiation and cut-through.

Development will next concentrate on bringing the brand to life in the digital space with a reinvention of the website as well as integrating messages for travel sector media relations and B2B event presence – virtual or face to face – in the months ahead.