Short-term delivery for a political long game.

Image of Westminster - the Assembly Unit

When a new client starts a brand brief by describing themselves as a ‘Skunkworks’ or ‘Innovation Lab’ for a new kind of politics, the creative radar clicks in thinking ‘this sounds like an interesting challenge’.

So, what was the client’s challenge? The Assembly Unit (as we eventually christened them) had recently formed and needed a name, an identity and an online presence to support a soft launch that was just over a month away.

They stated very clearly what they were and what they were not. They were not yet another political party or another political think tank.

They were a non-partisan group of people who had a clear vision that change was needed in UK politics. But change for the long term. So, none of this short-termism driven by political necessity with one eye on the next election. And whilst they had a London base, they were an organisation that would deliver far beyond the Westminster bubble.

Their vision was to build something different. Something that required infrastructure beyond a party: from strategy units, campaign consultants, and data analysts to policy experts, an expanded civil society and popular movements.

Critical to building that something was to bring more like-minded people together; gather people on common ground.

Hence the Assembly Unit.

The client had given us a brief with real clarity. Always a good start. Which meant we were indeed able to facilitate their launch in under a month in collaboration with a couple of very able partners.

See the brand and film we created for the Assembly Unit over on our work pages by clicking here.