Radio active

At a time when the media landscape has never been so littered with new options it is refreshing to find that some traditional received wisdom still has a grain of truth.

While recent analysis of ‘big data’ by a specialist digital agency has revealed the jaw dropping finding that ads featuring a call to action do better and ads featuring a special offer outperform those that don’t…… a study of actual campaign ROI places radio second only to dear old TV.

The Radio Advertising Bureau has carried out an analysis of results from 2000 campaigns where revenue ROI was measured. Television scored £8.70 per £ invested while radio averaged £7.70, ahead of press at £5.80, online at £4.90 and outdoor at £2.00.

These are average figures (remember the statistician who drowned in a pond whose average depth was only 6 inches) across ten consumer sectors and a range of multi media campaigns, and while the ROI range for radio is wide (from £0.90 to £18.90) nevertheless the comparative position holds good.

Perhaps more intriguing than the ability of radio to multiply the effect of other media in driving a return is the finding that maximising weekly coverage appears more important than the widely held belief that frequency is the key determinant of success for a radio burst.

It’s always good to have ones established prejudices re-calibrated.

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