Helping bats in the belfry.

Bats in Churches

We’ve recently added the intriguingly titled Bats in Churches to our growing group of clients in the wildlife conservation sector.

Majority funded by a £3.8million Heritage Fund grant, Bats in Churches is a five year project enabling a team of engagement and heritage experts and bat conservation specialists to find sustainable solutions to ensure long-standing bat colonies thrive in church buildings.

Key to this work is educating both church and local communities on how to co-exist with their bat colonies and how to better manage the building environment to help these protected creatures thrive.

The Bats in Churches partnership includes Natural England, the Church of England, Historic England, the Bat Conservation Trust and the Churches Conservation Trust. From the start, the project is engaged with more than 100 churches across England where bats are present.

Our initial task is to develop a marque and brand identity and then longer term we hope to be able to assist the Bats in Churches marketing and education teams deliver project communications.

We are excited to be working on Bats in Churches as it is one of those interesting niche projects that pops up from time to time. And its a great reward too, as we were appointed as a result of our continued delivery on the Back from the Brink project; you can read more about our work for Back from the Brink here.

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