Forget Brexit, we’ve just gone Brinto.

We’re pretty chuffed at The Point about the continued success of our campaign for Dow AgroSciences’ ground-breaking chemistry, Arylex. We rolled out Relax. It’s Arylex.’, featuring a levitating farmer, for the UK launch in 2016.

The idea created great engagement amongst UK cereal growers and now it seems to have fired the imagination of marketing teams in the wider Dow AgroSciences network. As a result, we have been commissioned to repurpose the campaign into new European territories who have bought into the idea.

First to approach us were Dow AgroSciences Denmark, who needed the campaign to work across press and online for Danish growers. Subsequently, versions were produced for other Scandinavian countries and those bordering The Baltic which fall under Denmark’s marketing remit.

As a result of that work, and the campaign being recently shared at a Dow AgroSciences European marketing conference, we have also been tasked to deliver the campaign further afield. To date, the campaign is potentially on track to be seen in 23 countries during the 2017/2018 growing season, making it truly pan-European.

Which is great news for Dow AgroSciences as it gives Arylex a unified and consistent message in all European markets. And it’s a great endorsement for our long-held belief that when an idea is simple, strong and single-minded it can be effective in any language.

In the meantime, back on home soil we have started work on creating an extension campaign for the next Arylex-based herbicide, which will see our hero farmer demonstrating yet more good karma.

Watch out for news of that project during the spring.