Totally remote.

CORONAVIRUS – business update 01.04.20

We’ve removed any danger to our people by splitting the team apart and enforcing home working. Our building is now closed until further notice.

The business is remote working from our home locations. We are still operating from 9.00am to 5.30pm, Monday to Friday as normal. Everyone has the ability to stay connected, create and deliver work. We’re in contact with each other through a regular daily work in progress meeting and video briefings. We have experienced a slight variance in turnaround and timescales (as we’d expected) but otherwise all projects are still able to be, and are being, delivered.

Like many SMEs in the UK right now, we have had to furlough some of our people for the next few weeks. This is helping to keep our business stable and our team together for the long term. This does not affect our ability to provide our services – it’s business as usual. As of April 1st, your primary contacts are:

Tom Howell
07769 702461 /

Chris Haynes
07557 199366 /
Ian McKinnon-Evans
07900 243929 /

John Charman

As we’ve said in previous updates, our team will maintain contact with you and continue to provide a smooth service; should any of us get taken out of action for whatever reason, we will advise you accordingly.

Stay in touch and stay safe.