Direct mail campaigns

RSPB Direct Mail Letter Reverse

Creating winners.

Over the past year, a key part of our work for the RSPB has been writing and producing direct mail campaigns for their quarterly raffle fundraiser. These drop onto doormats across the UK in spring, summer, Christmas and winter, with each focusing on a specific area of wildlife conservation concern relevant to the time of year.

The core message is to encourage members and supporters to enter the raffle as a way of supporting the RSPB and its vital conservation work. A proven repetitive format and prize pot consistently generates positive responses from those who are already warm to the brand.

So why persist with DM in an ever-increasing digital world? Well, if you know your audience, experiences outside the phone or computer screen may be a welcome breath of fresh air, and can even be preferred. People are growing increasingly numb to the vast amount of marketing noise coming in to their inbox, which gives brands a key opportunity to still stand out on the doormat. In addition, the personal touch connects with these audiences too; each of the raffle fundraiser packs contains a personalised letter and accompanying collateral that identifies with the recipient and their place in the audience segmentation.

The RSPB’s core audiences remain receptive to these tangible touchpoints which is backed up by a consistent return on investment campaign by campaign.

Apart from finding the appropriate creative approach and narrative for each quarter’s raffle, our role has been to re-skin the multi-part mail pack with the recently launched RSPB rebrand. Working with this extensive evolution of the organisation’s identity has been an exciting journey of creative discovery as we helped the internal brand team get to grips with the branding programme along the way.