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Factoring in some feel good.

As Covid-19 restrictions began to ease over the summer, we were handed the task of creating a brand response campaign for long-standing client Anglian Home Improvements.

When the pandemic took hold, like most businesses, Anglian faced significant disruption. Manufacturing was paused and marketing activity was scaled back.

As the country started to open up again, Anglian began a cautious and controlled return to ensure the safety of its customer and staff alike. The introduction of essential new services such as remote quotations, video consultations and socially distanced surveys were launched to help customers safely implement their home improvement plans.

Signals pointed to a pent-up appetite amongst homeowners to get on and improve their homes as lockdown eased. With holidays and other annual big-ticket spending cancelled, using that money to embark on deferred home improvement plans had been given priority on many ‘to do’ lists.

So, with the backdrop of consumer confidence returning and new ways for the customer to connect with the Anglian brand, our approach was that the brand should deliver a simple message of positivity and reassurance; a bit of warmth and feel good. We created the thought of ‘feeling right at home again’. This flexed well across the business model with ‘feeling good’ about all things Anglian written into the campaign.

The idea resonated internally, a big tick for Anglian. Their customers have responded well to the campaign which has helped drive brand awareness and direct response through various different marketing channels.

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