Brand ethos campaign

Unlocking the potential in responsive rotations.

Crop rotation has been common practice in farming for thousands of years, helping to support soil health, optimise nutrients, combat pests and control weed pressures.

But modern-day farming also faces new challenges. Ever-changing environmental and political pressures, unpredictable weather patterns, volatile market conditions and economic changes increasingly impact on decisions around the use of time and land.

Rotations need to become more responsive to these challenges. And often at short notice.

Underpinned by its data-led approach and cross-crop expertise, Elsoms offers one of the most comprehensive integrated seed portfolios in the UK, meaning they’re uniquely positioned to support the sector in becoming more responsive.

Our task was to create a long-term, highly flexible campaign for the brand – highlighting how Elsoms’ expertise and extensive portfolio could unlock the potential in a grower’s responsive rotation through greater flexibility, productivity and profitability.

The campaign launched at Cereals ’24, the UK’s flagship arable show with up to 20,000 visitors.

Large format gantry banners were at the centre of the space, supported by a simple campaign device on crop installations and plot boards to signal a variety’s specific rotational attributes. The campaign also featured print advertising within event publications, helping to drive footfall.