The Assembly Unit

Brand creation

An image of the Assembly Unit - a new brand in UK politics
An image of the Assembly Unit - a new brand in UK politics

Political challenge.

“We need to engage with like-minded people and start attracting donors. Can you give us a brand and a digital presence in five weeks flat?”

This was the challenge thrown down to us by a newly formed, non-partisan political organisation at the start of August. A centre ground start-up with no name and no history but with a clear vision of creating inclusive and innovative change in politics over the next decade. They wanted to start telling their story.

So where to start? Our experience said certainly not with creative. We front-loaded the project in continuous debate with the client about the why, the what and the how of their vision, unpacking their strategy and ambition, in order to arrive at an agreed platform for brand development.

After numerous rapid-fire experiments in naming conventions the ‘Assembly Unit’ landed from that platform. It was locked into a simple, clear branding programme supported with an intriguing ‘double take’ icon which neatly encapsulates ‘bringing people together’ whist subtly hinting at the union flag.

We partnered with the team at Candour Digital to bring their digital skills to the project, handing them the basic branding identity, tone of voice and comms approach we had created in order to deliver a launch microsite.

Meanwhile, we wrote and produced an Assembly Unit trailer film with the help of animator Mark Fuller; a simple animated brand story to put across all the client’s digital channels.

This three-way collaboration fast-tracked the build of all the assets which went at the beginning of September to coincide with the soft launch of the Assembly Unit into the political arena, exactly five weeks from the knock on our door.

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