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Lloyd's Register B2B Lead Generation Campaign - concept
Lloyd's Register B2B Lead Generation Campaign - print ad
Lloyd's Register B2B Lead Generation Campaign - digital on screen ad
Lloyd's Register B2B Lead Generation Campaign - online banner ad

Turning clients on to effective ways to turn off.

In the offshore oil and gas industry, managing ageing assets and then decommissioning them can be a minefield. You can’t just turn them off and sail away. You have to consider the long term legality and safety implications of the operation. And you need to continue to maximise the asset’s value and efficiently squeeze every last drop of profitability right up to shutdown.

Lloyd’s Register are experts in the global energy sector and renowned for their expertise in asset decommissioning. They tasked us to create a B2B campaign that positioned them as the go-to experts for clients embarking on the transition from operation to cessation of production (CoP).

Our brief was based on the insight that many clients continued to approach decommissioning with trepidation because of legalities, costs and uncertainty. They need reassurance that with the right partner on board, the whole process can be efficiently managed to comply with regulatory conditions and still be profitable.

Our gut feel was the message needed to be simple and straightforward. In developing the creative, we used cost, risk and compliance – the three principle client concerns – as areas where Lloyd’s Register’s unique know how could act as the comfort blanket for successful late life operations.

Simple alliteration positioned LR’s approach to decommissioning as not being detrimental; a counterpoint to the client preconception of the process.

The campaign ran through the autumn period in through both print and online advertising. The media plan focussed on Oil and Gas trade publications, Google remarketing and LinkedIn, all designed to target specialist engineers. CTAs encouraged download of a Lloyd’s Register white paper on effective decommissioning with data capture ensuring that prospective leads were pushed through to engagement with Lloyd’s Register’s technical experts.