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Quietly disruptive.

If an arable grower is really going to benefit from what precision farming promises, they have to understand the variability across every part of every field to make targeted interventions to increase profitability. Currently, a grower can be chained to a single source of data which gives a one-dimensional view or can look at different sources of data but none of it integrates.

AgAnalyst has launched DataBaler, a unique answer to the promise of precision farming which finally unlocks the potential for improving gross margins.

To quote the client: ‘The problem is that machinery guys don’t do agronomy and agronomy guys don’t do machinery. We integrate farm data for machinery and agronomy. We stack field data in the data owners’ favour’.

DataBaler autonomously integrates data from the many machines used in different operations – planting, spreading, spraying and harvesting – into orderly bales. Viewed through a dashboard, multiple data layers provide accurate insights about the variability across a field.

Where did we come in? We built the DataBaler brand, brand story and brand presence ready for launch at November’s Croptec event in Peterborough having landed the brief in September. We took the AgAnalyst team on a fast-paced brand discovery journey before creating a strong brand mark to work across multiple territories.

‘We want to be quietly disruptive in the sector’ was a key takeout from the early briefing sessions. For us, the creative translation of wanting to be a rebellious brand was not about making the brand look edgy – that would be counter-productive. It was more about DataBaler’s brand story – the powerful potential for delivering farmer citizen science. We articulated that as freedom; ‘DataBaler sets you free’. A disruptive idea that will agitate the global agtech sector.