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Product launch campaign

Image of Belkar campaign
Image of Belkar campaign photoshoot
Image of Belkar campaign photoshoot two
Image of Belkar at Cereals event 2019

Breakthrough creative.

Crop protection in oilseed rape had seen little innovation in a generation. Growers had to invest in spraying pre-emergence herbicides, ahead knowing if their crop had established or even what weed problems they faced. Common practice but almost guesswork, driving high risk and costly control strategies. Unsurprisingly, it was a contributing factor in deterring many growers from sowing OSR as an important ‘break crop’.

But then along came Belkar, Corteva’s newest herbicide and a real breakthrough for OSR growers.

Suddenly much of the guesswork was eliminated because Belkar was a truly post-emergence solution. Which made it big news for the arable sector. Growers could now wait until their crop was established, assess both quality and any accompanying weed problem before investing in their spray programme. It meant significantly reduced risk and costs in the process.

We took to the studio for this campaign, investing heavily in highly detailed photography and multi-layered post-production. This built a powerful visual that endorsed the ‘breakthrough’ message both in static and animated form.

Corteva had teased the sector about the arrival of Belkar, and after a highly anticipated launch at the UK’s biggest agri trade event, the campaign continues to successfully build awareness across online and offline channels and drive sales for this game changing chemistry.