Ormiston Families and Children’s Trust

Community engagement and fundraising campaign


A while back we were invited to pitch to Ormiston Families and Children’s Trust.

Ormiston is a long established charity working with young people across the wider Eastern Region. Set-up to work with marginalised young people, this had always remained very much at the core of their work; from working with offenders’ children to those living in traveller communities.

Over the years they had diversified and found themselves delivering a range of publicly funded initiatives on behalf of local government and other agency partners. When funding got squeezed the charity went through the tough but necessary process of revisiting what they stood for.

One quick realisation was that brand awareness was very low. Given their great work they were practically off the ‘giving’ radar.

Orminston needed to re-position and re-connect with givers. This was essential if they were to begin expanding their work again with marginalised youngsters. But that was dependant on a rapid increase in awareness.

We felt we had uncovered that rawness and emotion. We felt we had given them a campaign that would definitely boost awareness. The TV commercial we wrote was pretty gritty.

We were not successful. We are still really proud of the work we created.

Ormiston remain invisible.