Norfolk County Council Road Safety

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Norfolk County Council road safety
Norfolk County Council road safety

Like most behaviour change campaigns, a brief from Norfolk County Council to create awareness about the dangers on our roads was challenging.

The key challenge was that on a limited budget, the creative solution had to engage all road users. It had to resonate with car drivers as well as two wheelers, pedestrians and professional drivers.

Key words in the brief were ‘impact’ (very appropriate for a road safety message) and ‘memorable’. We added in ‘disruptive’.

That represented quite a creative field day.

But whilst hard-hitting graphic images of those on the wrong end of road accident would certainly meet all the criteria in the brief, these were strictly a no-go area as far as the client was concerned.

So we twisted it and articulated about the dangers that lurk on our roads rather than the all-to-familiar consequences that negligence on the road brings.

Unfortunately, our solution was judged to still be too dark and threatening.

But that is what dangerous places are, are not they? You tend to avoid them or at the very least navigate your way carefully through them.